A case study into the effect of children’s attitudes towards blogging

Its taken several months to complete my Independent research project into the effects of blogging on children’s attitudes towards literacy, as part of my Undergraduate degree classification. I have included the project (minus the interview transcripts) for anyone who may find it useful. Though it doesn’t raise any groundbreaking concepts, it does highlight some key points: children’s awareness of a worldwide audience; how commenting is essential for maintaining a blog, and finally the need to integrate the blog into the curriculum for children to become (at their own pace, and not forced) entangled and engaged in its potential.

My initial concept of this research project was to consider how literacy should be taught in school incorporating the need to teach and recognise digital literacy. University courses such as Journalism, have adopted their programme to include specifics on writing on the web for a different audience. Whether this, has any coloration or need to adopt practice in primary schools, was something I was interested in; however I would not be able to fully investigate during such a relative short time period. Through consolidating my ideas, I finial considered the effect of children’s attitudes towards blogging, especially since initiatives such as the 100WC, Quadblogging and Feb29th.net have become profilent in the last year or so.

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