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Comic strips in Literacy

Recently in year 4 we completed a play script unit, beginning looking at ‘The Golden Goose’ loosely related to our Ancient Egypt topic. To what was a dry, poorly written play script it allowed children to discus, up level and perform a play script understanding it’s purpose and structure. We swiftly moved onto the BFG, comparing prose to a play script. Making differences visible by highlighting speech, direction, character names and description and creating a shared success criteria. I read the beginning of the BFG over some music — to add to the tension and dramatisation of the story, enabling children to empathise with the characters.

The children orally rehearsed a conservation between the two protagonists. Once modelled, we used a blank comic strips for children to infer and deduce a conservation. In breaking down the barriers, allowing children to orally rehearse and work in pairs, enabled children to focus on the quality of dialogue. Furthermore, the children were challenged to mirror the syntax, and grammatical style of the BFG in their writing. Using comic strips allowed children to have the creative freedom necessary in writing to explore dialogue in a clear and concise format. The following week, we recorded all of the children’s play scripts adding in sound effects to add to our dramatisation. Children were also energised that this would be shared with an audience through the class blog (the children would love a comment on our new blog!)


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