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Why do we label children?

Labels for Art vs Craft Show

  • ¬†Yes there are some who have difficulty articulating their thoughts into a coherent, cohesive eligible script. I have dyslexic ‘tendencies’ but I was never given the label as a child because I wasn’t on the spectrum. Surely teachers should know each child’s strengths and weaknesses androids appropriate support and guidance ‘personalised’ for them, reflecting and adapting their techniques to make sure the child is overcoming their ‘difficulties’. Is a label needed?
  • Yes there are those who have to learn an additional language to effectively converse with their peers. But it doesn’t stop children articulating their thoughts. Yet the danger arises when teachers put EAL children in bottom sets in a language poor environment which hinders their progression. I wish I was able to speak a second language.
  • SEN. Needless to say even the word creates a prejudice with their peers and needless to say some teachers and parent.
  • Even books band. Parents label how well their child is doing and compare it to others.

And this is not restricted to the boundaries of the classroom. Labels are given in all walks of life, to categorise and judge people. Everyone is an individual; yet we catgorize children with giving them labels. [Ones child’s dyslexia will be different to another child’s dyslexia, yet we continually want to catagorize them as the same even though approaches to help them may be vastly different.] personalised children’s learning programmes will surely address these obstacles even though they may not have a label.

Education should bring to light the ideal of the individual.

(J.P Richter)

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