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#ukedchat 15.03.12

‘What should be taught to the next generation of trainee teachers?’


I’m a trainee teacher at Plymouth University, in my 3rd year of a 4 year course.

We are lucky at Plymouth University to be classed as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted in the last two visits; of which the latter I had the opportunity to talk to the inspectors. We also have some innovative members of staff such as @timbuckteeth (of whom I have not yet met), @ethinking, and @oliverquinlan. They are constantly at the forfront of discussions at Twitter and are constantly up for awards and asked to speak at many events.

For us as trainiee teachers we are inspired and lucky to have them. They inspire us to go and find new opportunities to expand our horizons.

Throughout my course, my school experience equates to a school year on placemnt. I know I certainly learn an awful lot from these hand on experiences of teaching. But from teachers and educators alike, what should the next generation of teachers be taught on their course? Do you believe there is enough teaching practice? What good/bad practice have you seen from NQTs that you want to be promoted or eradicated at University?

What are your thoughts of the different avenues into teaching?

We are the generation that has grown up with Harry Potter, mobile phones, and  laptops being a part of everyday life. By no means am I saying we are a digital native (a good article here), but does this mean we should, or we are more acceptable to integrate technology – but with the danger of overlooking the pedagogy at the roots of teaching.

What can trainee teachers do, outside of the course, to enhance their learning experience. We have an excellent Education Society who put on many events such as streaming BETT talks, placement guidance and mock interviews – but not all trainee teachers use this opportunity. And does it necessarily mean they will be any worse a teacher for this?

What would you as teachers, educators etc. want to see on a trainee teacher course? and what would you want to change if you looked back at your own course.

The #edchat talk will be on Thursday 15th from 8 to 9pm, where I hope as we can have a discussion on the roots of becoming a teacher and how we can become the best that we can be.

In the meantime, while not look at some of the plymouth uni students blogs, and @oliverquinlan list of those students on twitter.

Now I’ll better get back to my assignment!

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